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Home - Dog Cafe Genius

A Little History

Dog Cafe Genius started in 2015 on a bright sunny day. We are looking forward to meeting many dogs and their parents!

Our cafe is born from the desire for dog owners to “Enjoy your delicious meal! And relax with your dog!” 

If you don’t have a dog, but like to play with other people dogs, or want to relax with a cup of coffee, or have a chat with your friends while having lunch, you are welcomed!

We hope that everyone will be pleased. Our cafe lunch and pancakes are handmade, so even small children can eat with confidence.

So, our aim is to make it a relaxing space for dogs, their owners, and those who like dogs.

If you’re looking for diet-friendly and nutritional food for your pup, our dog cafe is undoubtedly the one that you should visit.

Our dog food is specially formulated to support your furry kid’s health with a balanced level of protein, omega 3, glucosamine, chondroitin, and calcium, to help ensure the growth and strengthening of your pup’s bones.

Our food also contains all the essential vitamins and antioxidants, making sure to strengthen your dog’s immune system.

Our food does not contain artificial flavors, or colors, or preservatives. You can be assured that the food is   easily digested by your pup.

We also made our store cool and comfortable so you and your canine kids can have great time here with us!

There are preparations under the tent and parasol under the terrace seat where the fresh breeze blow…


A wide selections of goodies

Feels Like Home Cakes

Indulgence Muffins

Delicious Minicakes

"I’m So Fancy" Cakes

Good Old Cookies

Dogs can enjoy together

There is a special menu for dogs, so both pet owners and pups can relax and enjoy meal together.

A wide selection of dog food

There are a few types of dog food choices for pet owners to choose from. Dog food differs in flavors, texture, ingredients, and moisture. There are ready made canned wet food, commercial dry dog food, as well as home-cooked food for your dog and puppy.

What are the difference between each type of dog food? Regardless of the kind, it is important to choose one that meet the nutritional requirement of your dog.

1. Canned or wet dog food

Canned dog food tend to last longer and most of the puppies love this type of food because it doesn’t require much chewing. This type of food cost more than dry dog food. Some dogs love canned or wet food! Usually, this food type lasts longer and can be found easily in any supermarket. At times, it can be slightly costly. When choosing canned dog food, make sure you read the labels to check the nutritional content. As a loving dog parent, you want to provide a balanced & healthy diet for your pets.

2. Dry dog food

Most dog parents choose dry dog food as it is conveniently available in most supermarkets and pet stores. Most of the best dry dog food brands in the market today offer a wide variety of flavor. The popular flavors are beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb. Dry dog food is more economical than canned wet food. A bag of dry dog food can usually last for weeks to a month, and it doesn’t require you to store in the fridge. Another reason that dog lovers choose dry dog food is that it helps to reduce the tartar growth in your dog’s teeth, thus keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.  

Some dry food is specially formulated for puppy, for adult, and for senior dogs. The best puppy food for large breeds is one that contain high protein to help your pup in growing strong and healthy.

3. Home-cooked food

Most dog lovers will agree that the best puppy food is home-cooked food because you can have complete control over the quality of ingredients. It require more effort and time to prepare the food but it is worth the investment of time when you see your pup growing strong and healthy.

As a loving dog parent, we tend to look for healthy dog food products because we cannot afford to compromise our beloved dog’s health and well-being.

However, there is not a one-size-fits-all healthiest dog food because there dogs differ in sizes, breeds, ages, and health condition. Their nutritional needs will vary based on their current state. For example, a young puppy dog will have a different nutritional needs as compared to a senior dog suffering from a sensitive digestive system or arthritis condition. Therefore, you have to take into consideration a few factors when choosing food to feed your pups.

First of all, choose food that are designed to suit the age of your canine. If you have a puppy, look for puppy food that is rich in protein that will help support the muscle growth. For a small breed puppy, the ideal choice will be bite-sized puppy kibbles that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids to promote healthy growth and support eye, brain and hearing development. If you are taking care of a senior dog, you should ideally switch to a senior formulated recipe that is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin to support the joint and repair the damaged cartilage.

Besides the age factor, another important consideration is the size of your dog as well as the activity level of your canine. If you are caring for an active large breed pup, look for food rich in glucosamine to keep its joint cushioned, and look for food richer in carbohydrates to provide the dog with the energy needed. Active dogs tend to burn more calories so look for nutrient dense food intended for athletic dogs.

If you find your pups underweight, you can feed them vitamins and supplements to help them gain the extra calories and add a few pound to their weight. There are also other ways to promote weight gain. You may switch from dry dog food to a wet meal. Our pooch tend to eat food that taste good. Canned wet food usually are more tasty than the dry ones. If you have the time and ability to prepare homemade cooked food for your pup, it is even better as homemade foods taste the best.  

Another way to help your pooch gain weight is to make the food easy to digest. This means you may need to reduce or even avert food that are high in fiber because fiber is indigestible. To check the food digestibility is by checking your pup’s stool frequency. There should not be fluctuations in the bowel movement if the food they are eating is easily digestible. When the dog food is digestible.

Some dogs suffer from allergies, so pet owners opt for chicken free dog food as chicken may cause allergic reaction for their dogs. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you should first consult a professional veterinarian to ascertain that you pup is allergic to chicken before removing chicken from the ingredient list because chicken is one of the  common meat ingredient that offers good protein to your pups. Only after you are sure your pup is chicken food allergy, then you should only feed your dog with food that does not include chicken at all.

When you are in doubt, always seek advice from a vet or research on trusted dog resource websites like https://dogpetguide.com. You should not ignore the importance of selecting the right food for your dog, especially dogs that have specific conditions like sensitive digestive system or suffering from allergies. Is important for you to stick to a healthy nutrition diet plan to support your dog’s health condition. Be careful about your pet nutrition because canine is like human in terms of body weight. Our dogs can become overweight or underweight if dog owners do not manage their nutrition well. Avoid serving any unnatural nutrition to your beloved dog.

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